November 2014: LDF Supports Ebola Crisis Relief Efforts in Liberia

The Liberian Development Foundation received a large donation of Medical Supplies from Project C.U.R.E. in support of its efforts to address the Ebola crisis in Liberia. Please see the picture below and the distribution list for more details on the beneficiaries. More pictures of the distribution will be posted soon.

Medical Supplies donated by Project C.U.R.E.

August 2014: UNESCO Donates $20,000 to LDF

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) made a donation of $20,000 to the Liberian Development Foundation for a Pilot Computer Program in Nimba County. This Pilot Computer Program is intended to train 100 teachers and 400 students in basic computer skills for a period of 6 months.

The UNESCO provided funds for ten computers. However, for this Pilot program to meet its goal, we will need additional computers as soon as possible. Therefore, we are kindly asking everyone who has a good used computer to donate it to the Liberian Development Foundation urgently.

January 2013: LDF distributes school supplies to several schools in Liberia

In January 2013, the Liberian Development Foundation successfully completed a major distribution of school supplies to several schools around the country as well as distribution of used clothes. In this video, the principal of Gbeleyee Public School expresses his gratitude to the Liberian Development Foundation for distributing school supplies to his students.


Check our YouTube channel for more exciting videos about our successful mission to Liberia, or watch the slideshow below.

Next shipment of school supplies to Liberia, October 2012

We are getting ready for our next shipment of school supplies to Liberia. We expect to ship books, and a large variety of school supplies in October. Please make a donation of notebooks or other school supplies. Notebooks are currently on sale at only $0.17 at Walmart, which means you can get 100 for just $17 dollars. We accept any number of notebooks; however, if you can donate 100, it will be even more appreciated by the needy pupils of Liberia. Please hurry, we have just until the end of August to take advantage of the sale on notebooks at Walmart.

We are very grateful to the following people people who donated 200 or more notebooks to our current “Notebooks to Liberia” project:

  • Desiree Powell
  • Maya Atta

LDF News Update - March 7, 2010

We have big news to share with you this month. On March 6, we loaded a container of books, computers and other school supplies, that will be shipped to Liberia on March 19. In late February, we partnered with Diana's Books, a non profit organization that rescue and redistribute used books. Read below for details of what you helped us to accomplish!

Donation Cargo — Mission Accomplished!

We are excited to announce that on Saturday, March 6th we loaded a 20' container of books, computers, and other school supplies to be shipped to Liberia (please visit our Facebook page for more pictures of the event). The shipment includes almost 10,000 books, microscopes, school uniforms, computers, and other school supplies for a total weight of 13,000 pounds. Sincere thanks go to all our supporters who generously donated to this cause, making this dream come true for youths in Liberia, and to Firestone Natural Rubber Company, which offered us the opportunity to ship this container to Liberia on one of their vessels. Special thanks go to our volunteers George Besiryan and Errol Dufour, for the huge help they gave with the loading operations. Finally, we would like to thank our volunteer Massimiliano Albanese for helping with inventory and packing. The container is now being delivered to the Port of Baltimore, where, on March 19, it will start its journey to Liberia. All the materials will be donated to public schools in Liberia and will help ex-child soldiers and war-torn youths to get an education.

A new partner for LDF: Diana's Books!

In late February, we partnered with Diana's Books, a non-profit organization that rescues used books, and redistributes them domestically or ship them to Africa through distribution partners. The organization donated us more than 50 boxes of books, which have been loaded on the container along with all the materials we collected from our supporters.

Liberian College Students are waiting for you

Talented students in Liberia are waiting for your help to attend college. Through our Scholarship Program, we sponsor talented students who lack financial resources to attend college. With just a $50 donation you will allow a student to attend a semester at the University of Liberia! Change the life of war-torn youths by giving them the gift of education. Read their stories on our website and choose who you want to support!

Our next of shipment of books to Liberia

We will be shipping a container of books, used computers and other school supplies to Liberia on March 19. We are thankful to Firestone Natural Rubber Company, which just approved our application to their Donation Cargo program, granting us free transportation from the port of Baltimore to Liberia on one of their vessels. However, we still have some space left in the container, so we need your help to collect more textbooks, good used computers, school furniture, and other good used items. If you are not sure whether your items would be acceptable or want to arrange a pick up (Washington DC/Baltimore area only), please contact us at In addition, we are still responsible for buying a container, paying transportation to the port of Baltimore and all the applicable fees. So, please help us cover these costs with monetary donations, if you can. Every dollar counts!

Help us give more scholarships

We need your help to grant more scholarhip to college students in Liberia. We currently have on file many scholarship applications from talended students. See pictures of some applicants below. Please donate today. Only $100 can support a college student at University of Liberia for a full year.

Famata Andrews Garmi Miller Jefferson Lincoln Nya Zeah

Is money your servant or your master?

Please read these moving words we received from one of our supporters.

“Yesterday, I spent two hours cleaning my neighbor's car and driveway from the snow. When I got through, she offered me $50 and I told her: No, you don't have to pay me anything. I also told her: You could do even... better with that $50. You could allow an ex-child soldier in Liberia to attend a semester of college. Few hours later, the woman called me and asked: Son, is money your servant or your master? Of course, I wanted to answer: Money is my servant but I quickly realized that I work for money and money also work for me. So, I began to wonder... should I desire money more than changing someone else's life? I struggled with this question for a few moments. Then my thoughts went to suffering human beings, wounded by war and poverty and struggling for every single bite of food. At that point, I realized money must always be my servant, never my master”.

Here is a chance for you to change someone else's life. With just $50 you can send an ex-child soldier to college for an entire semester at the University of Liberia. Find below the story of students in need who are getting college education thanks to caring people like you. Donations are the lifeblood of hope. This holiday season make a dream come true for youths in Liberia. Donate now to support our scholarship program. Donations are tax deductible. Today you can reduce your taxable income and save taxes while giving the precious gift of education to people in need!

Thank you letters from College Scholarship Recipients

LDF is glad to make available online the first thank you letters received from the beneficiaries of the recently launched Scholarship Program. The program is aimed at enabling access to higher education for talented students who do not have the financial means to afford college. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the pictures and read the letters. Please note that phone numbers of applicants have been obscured for privacy reasons, but are available to our donors upon request.

1989 Ford/Wayne 64 passenger 1990 Bluebird TC-2000 78 passenger

Philip Gaye

Joanna Tokpah

Kezelee Gayflor

Steven Gayflor

Not Available Yet  
Isaac Fayia

LDF gets a Google Grant (June 2009)

Google has selected LDF to participate in the Google Grants program, a unique in-kind advertising program, providing free Google AdWords text advertising to select non-profit organizations, for a market value of up to $10,000 per month. The program harnesses Google's products, technology and resources to support groups that share Google's philosophy of helping the world through community service in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy, and the arts.

LDF launches the College Scholarship Program (January 2009)

LDF is offering College Scholarship to Liberian students seeking higher education. LDF reserves the right to award scholarships to the most deserving students, based on merit and income requirements (see application form for details). Selections are made at LDF's sole discretion, and decisions regarding scholarship recipients are final. Scholarships are assigned for a period of two consecutive semesters and will not automatically renew for successive terms. Students seeking financial support for another year will need to submit a new application. LDF reserves the right to award scholarships on a continuous basis, upon availability of funds. Applications are accepted and reviewed year round. Please dowload the application form and send the completed application by mail to

Liberian Development Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 548
Greenbelt, MD 20768
United States of America

or by email to

Collge Scholaship Application Form
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