Goal of the Program

Books are the building blocks of education. Unfortunately, books are very scarce in Liberia, and the majority of students cannot afford to buy them. Most schools in Liberia do not have a library and there are no public libraries in the country.

The main goal of our "Books to Liberia" program is to provide quality books to people and schools in Liberia . We collect good used books (including books-on-tape) and other school supplies, such as exercise-books, pens, pencils, crayons, etc.

In which conditions do the books need to be?

Books, media and other educational supplies/materials need to be in good condition. Very old books, spoiled or unusable media are not accepted.

When are the collected books distributed?

We periodically ship books to Liberia. Once we have collect enough books to fill an entire container, we ship the cargo to Liberia .

Are books selected before shipment?

Before shipping, all educational materials are carefully selected in order to make sure that what is shipped to Liberia can really be useful to teachers and students, based on an assessment of the current needs of the country.

Books that would not be useful in Liberia are donated to local churches in poor neighborhoods in the United States in order to enable them to create or improve their own libraries. If you are a church in the Greater Washington DC Area, contact us to learn how to become a book recipient!

Books and other items that are not appropriate for any of the above goals are sold to raise the funds necessary to sustain the program.

How can you deliver books to us?

Based on the amount of donated books, we personally pick up donations up to 75 miles from Washington, DC. For other locations, we invite our donors and supporters to mail us the books to the following address:

Liberian Development Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 548
Greenbelt, MD 20768
United States of America

Please note that UPS and FedEx do not deliver to P.O. Boxes. Only USPS can deliver to P.O. Boxes. Please use the following address when shipping via UPS or FedEx.

Liberian Development Foundation, Inc.
2157 Armitage Ct
Woodbridge, VA 22191
United States of America

A cost efficient way to mail books and other educational materials is to use the Media Mail® service offered by USPS. Click here for more information.

Is the donation tax deductible?

Yes. You can deduct the fair market value of the donated goods from your tax returns. We will send you a receipt describing the type and quantity of donated goods, and you will estimate the monetary value for the goods donated.

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