The Liberian Development Foundation (L.D.F) was established in 1982 with headquarters both in the U.S. and in Liberia (Monrovia) and was assigned 501(c)(3) stauts by IRS in 1983.

The activities of the Foundation underwent a forced stop because of the 14-year civil conflict in Liberia. The Foundation was reactivated in 2001 by Dr. Joseph Korto. Since then, the “Computers to Liberia” program was established and soon became really successful and popular in Liberia insomuch as both the Ministry of Education of Liberia and the Foundation warehouse in Monrovia receive letters every day from institutions making requests for computers (see Achievements for more details).

Dr. Korto served as director of the Foundation until to 2006 when he went back to Liberia, where he was appointed Minister of Education.

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