The music of Liberia involves several different genres. Its musical heritage includes several important genres of pop derived from neighbors like Ghana and Nigeria. Because of the influence of the United States, R&B and Hip-hop are also performed in Liberia. The country also boasts a variety of indigenous folk music, Christian music and influences from its Americo-Liberian minority.


The official language of Liberia is English


Liberian cuisine reflects the rich heritage of Liberians. Certain American traditions are also reflected in Liberian recipes. Liberian recipes contain an interesting combination of ingredients. Very common ingredients in Liberian recipes are cassava, peppers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, ginger, palm oil and many tasteful vegetables.

The traditional meals include the wide range of breads, like the Liberian rice bread and the Liberian pineapple nut bread. Rice is one of the principle foods in Liberia. Dumboy (boiled and then pounded cassava) and Fufu (derivative of cassava) are also essential Liberian side dishes. The famous local dessert is the coconut pie, based on coconut, which is served at dinner or late in the evening. The recipe includes regular dough with milk and a sweet coconut mixture.

Liberian Celebrations

Liberia has several celebrations in common with or to honor the U.S. For example: the Independence Day in July, Thanksgiving Day in November, and Pioneer's day (that honors the American pioneers). Other celebrations are: President Tubman`s Birthday (also called Goodwill Day), Unification and Integration Day, Marilda Newport Day in December, Africa Day, Flag Day and Literacy Day (that promotes adult education). Besides these, there are religious celebrations, with various culinary traditions, like Fast and Prayer Day in April, Christmas and All Saints` Day in November. On all these occasions, the Liberian people enjoy parties with family members and drink a lot of ginger beer, the traditional Liberian beverage.

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