The mission of the Liberian Development Foundation is to support and promote education and local development initiatives to sustain peace and change people's attitude from dependency to self-sufficiency, making them capable of their own change.


Our values are the beliefs that animate our hearts and inspire and lead our everyday actions and decisions. In particular we strongly believe that:
  • all of the human beings are equal and should be guaranteed the right to have a dignified and free existence;
  • diversity is a great opportunity for people's social and economic development. The coexistence of different cultures is not only necessary for a pacific coexistence among peoples but also it is desirable for a social and economic development through the exchange of ideas, values and knowledge;
  • resources are not unlimited and waste of resources not only damages people who do not have access to those resources but also damages societies which unwisely waste their resources, as sooner or later they will run out of even the necessary. Emblematic are the words of a Sioux leader: "Only when the last tree has been cut down, only when the last river has been poisoned, only when the last fish has been caught, only then will you learn that money cannot be eaten". Everyone in our society can contribute to prevent that moment from happening through environmental awareness and responsible individual and social behaviors. Our Foundation is committed to promote the wise use of resources and make people with no resources benefit from what is not valuable anymore for other people;
  • education is the key to a better life for people and to social and economic development of a country, thus encouraging peace and solidarity among people.

We strongly believe that these values may have a remarkable impact on our society, optimizing the use of resources and preserving resources for generations to come. For this reason, we make a great effort to spread and make those values applied in our society to the maximum possible extent. If you identify yourself with these values as well, please help us to alert other people on the importance and the benefits of applying those values in our lives or visit the “How you can help” section of our website for more information on the many ways you can help us to help people in Liberia.

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