We have several projects on the stocks and we are using multiple channels to make our dream happen.

One of these channel is to collect used computers and educational materials that are not useful anymore in the United States and in other countries and send them to Liberia where they will be reused and will give the opportunity to the children there to know about computers and get a better education.

We have major projects to achieve long-term objectives for education and local development. Our major current project is the construction of an Integrated Resource Center in the Monrovia area, featuring the first ever public library in the country. Learn more...

We work in partnership with the Government of Liberia to concretely help the reconstruction process and ensure effective implementation of our projects.

“Books to Liberia” and “Computers to Liberia” programs

Through these programs the Foundation not only supports education in Liberia, but also fulfills its environmental commitment, by reducing the waste of resources and saving a lot of landfill space.

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